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2016 NFL Stats Spreadsheet Just Released

Published on July 27, 2016, by in NFL.

That’s right, it’s July and I’ve already got the 2016 stats spreadsheet updated with actuals & projections, almost three weeks earlier last year 🙂

Fantasy football has blown up recently, and as fantasy matures, pools have been getting more complex. Rest assured we have all the detailed stat categories from last year including 1st Downs, Targets, Rush Attempts and Games Played.

And as always, I’ve included links to Yahoo! player profiles, customizable scoring settings and projections. Note: IDP stats will be updated in mid-August.

Get the offense stats Excel sheet here: 2016 NFL Historical Stats with Projections

And don’t forget to check out the Draft Board Tool as well to help you on draft day!

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Final Pre-Kickoff Stats Update of the Year

Published on September 3, 2015, by in NFL.

The fantasy football cheat sheet has been updated once more for those of you with late draft dates.


  • Updated rankings & projections as of 3:30PST
  • Updated injury notes
  • Added a PPG column

Observations on rankings changes since one week ago:

  • Downtrend: Melvin Gordon, CJ Spiller, Desean Jackson, Rashad Jennings, Brandon Lafell
  • Uptrend: Jamaal Charles, Brandon Cooks, Chris Ivory, Mike Wallace, Boldin, N. Agholor
  • My sources haven’t updated from Tom Brady’s status change. Make a note!

Thanks for all your support this year! This will be the last update to the spreadsheet this year.
Happy pooling!

Get it here:
2015 NFL Historical Stats with Projections
2015 NFL IDP Defensive Player Stats (2014 Season Actuals)


2015 Offensive Stats Updated, IDP Stats Released

Published on August 29, 2015, by in NFL.

The 2015 NFL Stats Spreadsheet has been updated, hopefully in time for your late fantasy draft date!

What’s changed?

  • Fantasy relevant players added
  • Injury notes
  • Bye weeks fixed

And I finally sat down for a few hours to get the Defensive Players (IDP) stats for you. Linebackers, defensive ends, cornerbacks and safeties, it’s all there with tackle stats and more!

Get them here:
2015 NFL Historical Stats with Projections
2015 NFL IDP Defensive Player Stats (2014 Season Actuals)


The New 2015 NFL Spreadsheet is Here!

Published on August 13, 2015, by in NFL.

It’s back! Thanks everyone for checking in and for the gentle reminders – I read all your emails and comments! It’s been a busy and beautiful summer, but I’ve put a hold on that to bring this update for the 2015 season, with a few new stat categories!

To thank you for your patience, I’ve added four new stats this year: 1st Downs for passing, receiving and rushing, as well as receiver targets! If you’re a loyal user of these spreadsheets, you’ll remember last year’s additions of Games Played, sacks taken and total fumbles. And as always, quick links to Yahoo! player profiles, customizable scoring settings and more! (Note: Games Started and IDP stats will take another week as I’m heading on a road trip down to California).

Get it here: 2015 NFL Historical Stats with Projections

Don’t forget to check out the Draft Board Tool as well to help you on draft day!

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2014 Projections Updated w/ FantasyPros ECR

Published on August 24, 2014, by in NFL.

Due to popular demand, the stats spreadsheet has been updated one more time.

The Standard and PPR FantasyPros projections have been updated with the Expert Consensus Ranking (ECR), which is being widely used on the Internet this year. You’ll notice QB rankings drop significantly compared to the previous rankings, which were based on the top 20 ranked experts based on 2013 draft performance.

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NFL Preseason Week 3 Fantasy Summary

Published on August 24, 2014, by in NFL.

Don’t have time to watch every preseason match, let alone read the game recaps?

Here are brief game-by-game notes on fantasy relevant players for the 14 Saturday Preseason Week 3 games, typically the last chance for starters to show their stuff before the season starts.

Only players that in my opinion have a fantasy stock sensitive to their performance in the preseason are mentioned here (Top tier QB’s, most top two rounds won’t be listed here for brevity).

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Updated 2013 / 2014 Spreadsheet with GP

Published on August 20, 2014, by in NFL.

I’ve just uploaded a major update to the stats spreadsheet with the following additions:

  • Games Played & Games Started in 2013
  • Updated Projections from Yahoo and FantasyPros
  • New players in the top 300
  • Ranking changes since June 19
  • See the full change log for more

A commentor asked about updating their customized version of the June spreadsheet. I’ve updated the stats without changing player order so no VLOOKUP / MATCH functions are needed, but this results in some players on IR remaining on the list.

As usual, email me any feedback or post in the comments!
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Thanks for all the kind words in the comments, and good luck with your draft!

Get the stats spreadsheet here: 2013 NFL Historical Stats w/ 2014 Projections.


New Season, New Spreadsheet!

Published on June 28, 2014, by in NFL.

What better way to celebrate the summer long weekends than getting a head start on fantasy football prep?

The offensive projected stats for 2014 are now up along with full 2013 season stats. This is the earliest I’ve ever got the offensive spreadsheet out, as I’m getting tired of procrastinating. 🙂 Rankings & IDP stats to come…

Two new stats this year: QB sacks taken and total fumbles. This is in addition to all the goodies you’re used to such as links to Yahoo! player profiles, customizable scoring settings and more!

Also updates will be much more reliable, as I’ve written a macro to automate the periodic updating of the stats. If you like it, please share, tweet, email, subscribe! Thanks!

See the full page and get the spreadsheet here: 2014 NFL Historical Stats with Projections.