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2021 NFL Offensive Stats Spreadsheet Released

Published on August 28, 2021, by in NFL.

What a wild last couple of years! Besides the world turning upside-down (or right-side up some could say?), on a personal note I’ve moved to a new town and have made some big professional and personal changes. But you’re here for the data!

I’ve made two changes this year:

  1. The data is pulled by % Rostered / Owned instead of Projections. This is to try to catch any players that fall through the cracks.
  2. Quarterback pick sixes are now included!
  3. A better algorithm to catch the players with suffixes on their names that make matching data from different sources difficult (I’m talking about you, Melvin Gordon III).

And all the usual features you’ve come to love are included:

  • Links to Player Profiles.
  • Fully customizable stats to enter your pool’s scoring settings.
  • PPG (points per game) calculation – great for finding steals like players coming off injury or players with sneaky return yards if your pool counts those.

The Draft Board Tool has also been updated, and the pages for bye weeks and schedules will be updated soon but I didn’t want to hold up this spreadsheet so I’ll release it first:

2021 NFL Stats Spreadsheet

I missed last year and I apologize to all those looking for this data. Thanks for sticking with me!
Look out for an IDP update and possibly one more update before kickoff on September 9th.

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