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2022 NFL Stats Spreadsheet Released

Published on August 28, 2022, by in NFL.

Changes this year:

  1. Yahoo & FantasyPros rankings are capped at 400. Any rankings over 400 are set to 500.
  2. The data is pulled by top 300 Projected (in reverse of last year). Actuals show 375.

Along with the regular features:

  • Links to Player Profiles.
  • Actual stats from 2021/22 (with pick sixes, 1st downs and interceptions).
  • Customizable stats to enter your pool’s scoring settings.
  • PPG (points per game) calculation so you can find values in the mid and late rounds.

2022 NFL Stats Spreadsheet

This is likely the only update of the year as it takes a lot of time to run the update.
If you’d like to help, please reach out!

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