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You love the NFL.

You love fantasy football.

And you love stats and spreadsheets (it’s OK to admit, but maybe not on a first date).

The Commissioner

Victor has been in fantasy pools since 2005, nerding out in Excel since Office 2003 to make a primitive version of the spreadsheets you see now. After getting asked by enough friends and co-workers to share these spreadsheets, he decided to give them away for free by starting this humble site.

So starting in 2012 and every year since, from September to February, on every Sunday night, Monday, some Saturdays, a few Thursdays and on the odd Wednesday (seriously NFL… I quit watching hockey because the football schedule is manageable), Victor spends most of his free time productively bringing you unique stats related articles about the beautiful game.

And when he’s not referring to himself in the third person, he also watches The League, and you should too.

Say Hello! (hi!)

Have a suggestion, found a bug, need Excel help, want to partner up, or just say hello?

Email victor(at) or follow FantasyCube on Twitter:

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