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Updated 2013 / 2014 Spreadsheet with GP

Published on August 20, 2014, by in NFL.

I’ve just uploaded a major update to the stats spreadsheet with the following additions:

  • Games Played & Games Started in 2013
  • Updated Projections from Yahoo and FantasyPros
  • New players in the top 300
  • Ranking changes since June 19
  • See the full change log for more

A commentor asked about updating their customized version of the June spreadsheet. I’ve updated the stats without changing player order so no VLOOKUP / MATCH functions are needed, but this results in some players on IR remaining on the list.

As usual, email me any feedback or post in the comments!
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I’ve also removed all ads, and will never have them again, I’ve realized for the few dollars it barely makes, it’s just not worth it.
Thanks for all the kind words in the comments, and good luck with your draft!

Get the stats spreadsheet here: 2013 NFL Historical Stats w/ 2014 Projections.

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