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The 2018 NFL Stats Spreadsheet is Here!

Published on August 20, 2018, by in NFL.

The stats spreadsheet for the 2017/18 NFL season is now available, with projected stats for 2018 and detailed historical actuals from the 2017 season in Excel format.

For those familiar with these spreadsheets, little has changed from last year. I stuck to a basic Yahoo! dump with little intervention other than adding two free agents, while normalizing all rankings to max out at 300 for the delta columns, including almost 400 offensive players, excluding kickers and defense.

As always, the spreadsheet includes Yahoo! projections (not the best) and FantasyPros default “expert consensus” ratings for standard and PPR scoring. And then there’s all the features you’ve come to know and love like player profile links, detailed stats (i.e. first downs and targets), fully customizable scoring settings, and pre-formatted customizable fields for your own notes.

Find out more about the spreadsheet here: 2018 NFL Stats Spreadsheet

The handy Draft Board Tool and downloadable NFL schedule grid have also been updated for the upcoming season.

These workbooks take much time to prepare, so if they’ve saved you any time in your draft prep, I’d love a share on a forum like reddit, or twitter, donate using the link on the right, or simply leave a comment showing your support. Happy pooling!

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